29 September 2023

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Pasargad Steel Complex

Pasargad Steel Complex
Pasargad Steel Complex
Pasargad Steel Complex

Pasargad Steel Complex (P.J.S.)Pasargad Steel Complex a privately held (PJS) company, was established in south east of Shiraz city; Fars province as a fully-furnished integrated steelmaking complex, incorporating all relevant stages of steel making value added chain from collecting iron ore run-of-mine to producing various types of alloy steel in compliance with the international standards, in a surface area extended in three million square meters. Achievement of our goals, is possible by continuous innovation, optimum allocation of the resources, environmentally adaptable and friendly methods for steel production, application of best ethical practices and standards in the industry, recruitment of the most capable workforce and continuously investing on our human capital resources in various aspects, and maximizing return on the investment.

The factory design concept from the very first, was to receive iron ore from local mines nationwide and further processing of run-of-mine by crushing, iron ore concentration, converting iron ore concentrate to pellet, reducing pellet to sponge iron (DRI), melting DRI through EAF, and converting molten steel to various types of alloy steel through secondary metallurgy (Ladle Furnace and Vacuum Degassing process).

Our melt shop including electric arc furnace (EAF), ladle furnace (LF) and continuous casting machine (CCM), capable of close casting, have been commissioned and are in operation since 2013 and our vacuum degassing plant (VD/VOD) commissioned in 2019; currently, by operating such advanced and up-to-date equipment and qualified operators, we are able to produce different steel grades in form of billets and blooms in various sizes In order to produce downstream steel products, including various steel sections for a wide range of industrial applications.

According to the initial plan and design, in order to complete our value added chain within the complex, we simultaneously started the second and third phases of extension and development. Under the graces of God, the first DRI mega module plant for sponge iron production was commissioned on October 2019 with 1.8 million tons/year. The technology used in DR plants is Midrex®, built by applying the latest technological modifications which able to produce hot DRI (HDRI) for hot charging to EAF; thus, will be the first hot charging plant in the country which enables us to increase melt shop production by at list 20% and access the best electric energy efficiency in the industry.

The pelletizing plant with an annual capacity of 3.4 million tons has started production since September 2020. Meanwhile, the lime calcination plant has been put into operation since 2021 and also, machinery procurement for the concentration plants have been done. This development is under construction with over 60% physical progress that are expected to be in operation by March 2023.

In addition to the above, the casting plant development plan, which independently includes a ladle furnace (LF) and a continuous casting unit, capable of producing billets and blooms in various sizes and sections, and followed by a steel bar quality (SBQ) Mill and Wire Rod Mill, will be finally put into operation by July 2022. The products of these units feed downstream steel industries, including the production of seamless pipes, welding electrodes, hot and cold bolts and nuts, steel springs, tension wires, steel shafts of special alloys and bearings. By producing these products, the needs of related domestic industries, which are now often met through imports, will be met to a very high extent, In addition, a large volume of them will be exported.

Downstream steel industries, including seamless pipe producers, welding electrode manufactures, hot heading and cold heading industries, spring manufacturers, wires drawing industries, steel shafts and bearing, which are basically imported at present, will be produced down-stream from our products.

Applying state-of-the art vacuum degassing plant, advancement in secondary metallurgy process, and using advanced closed casting method, enabled us to produce various superior quality clean steel for the most advanced industrial application.

In line with countries strategic plans for advancement of national rail system and increase its capability and capacity, by collaboration and supporting of the directors at national and provincial levels, The Complex will soon be connected to under-construction Shiraz- Bushehr railway and the national rail network via a 28 km branch line from Kavar railway station; thus, the above rail network will be used for incoming raw materials and outgoing products. This rail way connection will have a great impact in increasing road safety, reducing emission, decreasing provincial road traffic and lowering logistic costs for the company. At the same time, it will be providing a secure, considerable and long term income for national rail system.

The Complex not only enjoys the right to use the water from the under-construction Kavar dam; but with the sincere cooperation of directors and officials in the regional water organization, The Complex is provided with five hundred liters of water per second from Shiraz drainage source and water treatment facilities in south of Shiraz city; through which, thank God, uninterrupted operation of Pasargad Steel Complex and sustainable employment for some thousands present and future potential employees by this industrial plant is guaranteed.

Employees’ Academic, Practical and Experimental Training

– The Complex compassionate founders and managers truly believe that trained and efficient manpower is the factory’s main capital and based on which, they spare no effort to expand technological knowledge of personnel by training within the factory, and sending them abroad, visiting similar plants, to observe work culture in other similar industrial set up. and make them believe that in today’s world, the prerequisite for success in industrial development is creating added value and for achieving individual and social welfare, the requirement is individual and group ability as well as competitive potentials in the global market, and to be able to reach our niche market in the tough international competitive markets, and to put cultural, experimental and scientific development high on our agenda as an effective work tool in order to protect and maintain this place, and always remembering that competition law is unchangeable and victory in this field requires power of competition and innovation.

– It is heartening that the Complex has been very successful in this regard and what the top managers and production/operation personnel have gained, in addition to theoretical knowledge presented in the Complex and during on-the-job training courses, they were in touch with experts from other countries and developing their knowledge of industry in China, Europe, and particularly Germany and Austria. At present, younger staff with almost no work experience in other steel factories are operating the Complex and for this very reason, the Complex could gain respect and reputation locally and internationally within a short period of time. “We believe that each and every dear young individual who has been trained in this plant theoretically, ethically and professionally, is a fruitful seedling, hand in hand with each other protecting this industrial complex like an unbeatable fortress; a shining star in the history of our beloved Iran, the holy land of “Pars”.

– In order to develop experimental and theoretical ability of the current personnel and other interested individuals, the Complex is constructing a technical training school next to the factory; the project will soon be completed and the technical school starts training.

– The above technical school will use highly qualified teachers in diverse fields of studies, including foreign language, and after completion of a three-year training period, trainees will be able to enter labor market as a well-trained technician.

– The technical school will be equipped with an amphitheater, library, foreign language teaching digital laboratory, lab, primary training workshop, etc. For launching this technical school, we have meticulously considered the valuable experience of Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH (BSE) in Germany with half a century of experience.

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