29 September 2023

Social Responsibilities

Social Responsibilities
Social Responsibilities

In order to build trust, to raise awareness and to encourage personnel in line with the social developments and by taking advantage of social responsibilities approach, Pasargad Steel Complex tries to boost its personnel’s satisfaction. The Complex monitors social and environmental impacts of its activities besides ensuring personnel’s best interests as well as the profit and economic development of the Complex.

To this end, Pasargad Steel Complex has taken effective measures that could be outlined as follows:

  • Reducing environmental impacts
  • Care for local communities and charity services
  • Care for employees’ livelihood and their families
  • Care for customers’ demand and fair trade
  • Improvement and safety of worker’s space
  • Compliance with laws and regulations in all and every operation
  • School Building in deprived areas

To be ever-more transparent, Pasargad Steel Complex presents periodic reports on operations in line with the company’s social responsibility.
For the purpose of cultural promotion and raising awareness and knowledge of personnel, as well as creating sense of belonging to the Complex, the management of Pasargad Steel Complex has always tried to promote the culture of teamwork among staff and to settle probable grievances by eliminating bottlenecks in personnel’s relationship to help them complement each other towards quality and quantity improvement of products and maximum cost savings that otherwise would undermine the Complex competitive power.